What past clients have to say about working with Pam

"Kimberly Gray 5008 Sweetwater Dr Noblesville IN 46062 in 2022 • Overall rating • Market expertise • Responsiveness • Negotiation skills • Professionalism & Communication Pam and Rob are an excellent team. We used them a few years ago to buy our house and we would not have gone with anyone else when it was time to sell the house. Their knowledge, expertise, experience, and skill are outstanding. With Rob and Pam, you have the best team possible for a great deal and great experience! "
-Glen & Kimm Gray
"Pam and Rob listed my investment property in Fishers for slightly more than I expected. Two showings & two offers on the first day. Over asking price. I live out of state and so Pam and Rob had to coordinate all of the repairs required by the inspection. They shopped for best priced contractors. I will be certain to recommend them to my fellow investors who have properties in Indiana.---FAVORITE PART of working with Pam---Very friendly, efficient, highly skilled. Follows through with everything!"
-Ludmeila Axinoff --Seller
"Pam encouraged us to list our home for MORE than the comps suggested because she said it was, based on upgrades and condition, far and above the competition. We sold for the asking price within 24 hours. She helped get all the details resolved from the inspection so we could close 2 weeks from our having a signed purchase agreement. It couldn't have gon better."
-Don and Polly--Selling
"Living out of state it is difficult to manage a rental property and even more difficult to prepare one for sale. Richard manages 3 properties and I wanted to sell one of them. He referred an agent team, Pam and Rob. They were great to work with. They had to coordinate an insurance claim to get a new roof, listed the home for a price that was better than I expected, and sold it in 36 hours for more than the asking price. Handled all the details on inspections and managed the contractors. They will definitely be handling the other 2 when the time is right. I later learned that Pam is Richards Mom and Rob is his brother. The landscaper we had used for 10+ years is also Richard's brother.--What a nice Crew--pardon the pun... for Pam Crew."
-Phil--Seller of Investment Prop
"*On a scale from 1-5, how likely are you to refer your Realtor to your friends and family? 5--I will definitely refer to her. *Why did you choose to work with your Realtor--Again? She helped us buy our current home and she was wonderful to work with then. We are building a new home again, based on a change of location need, will be closing by the end of the year Your Name (first last): Polly Trainor Your Location: Carmel, In Your Realtor's Name: Pam Crew Last Update 12-5-2019 "
-Polly & Don--Building Again w/Pam
"After a 3+ year search, Pam and Rob found THE place we wanted. Pam negotiated a good deal for us on the purchase. Then we got my Noblesville home dialed up and made repairs to list it for sale. They were right. Get it move-in ready and it will sell fast. Three offers in the first 2 days. Very happy!"
-Edward--Buying and Selling
"How would you rate your experience with your Realtor? Very Satisfied Realtor name Rob Field and Pam Crew * What was your biggest fear before first talking to your Realtor? Not finding a new home. * What, specifically, was your favorite part of working with your Realtor? Patience * On a scale from 1-5, how likely are you to refer friends and family to your Realtor? 5 - I will definitely refer him/her * If you were to recommend your Realtor to your best friend, what would you say? He worked with me for 3.5 years stepped in after 3 years. They never give up finding a suitable residence to buy. They handled selling my home of 48 years (that was very hard to leave). They both showed they cared very much that I was happy! "
-Judy Dick-- Selling and Buying
"Pam made sure our home presented beautifully and we couldn't believe how fast it sold! We were highly impressed with her from the beginning and recommend her to anyone who wants an all-around positive experience with selling their home."
-Sean & Shelly---Listing
"Pam Listed our home. Solid in 1 week, 3 showings/3 offers. Easy to work with. Detail oriented. Worry free Experience!"
-Denny & Sue--Listing
"Both Pam & Rob were excellent and insightful when it came to listing my house. They knew to list the house for what the market would bear which I was a little concerned about, but we had multiple offers in three days. Pam helped me through each offer and together picked the one that was best for my wife and I. Unfortunately, the buyer backed out because he wanted more fixes than outlined in the inspection report which along with Pam we agreed was unreasonable. Pam got us back on the market and we had another full price offer in two days. Closing went smoothly because we were prepared due to Pam's help. Pam and Rob helped my wife and I on the building and closing of our new house as well. I highly recommend Pam and Rob to anyone. "
-Ron & Judy----Both Listing and Buying again
"Where did you buy? Madison County How would you rate your Realtor? Very Satisfied What was your biggest fear before first talking to your Realtor? Not selling quickly On a scale of 1-5, how likely are you to refer her to others? 5 for sure Did your Realtor recommend or suggest a Mortgage Company? YES, Ruoff Mortgage How was your experience with the lender? Very Satisfied"
-Denny & Sue--Buying a home
"Pam suggested we BUILD a New home. Absolutely recommend her. Pam Crew has done a magnificent job for us, helping us navigate the twist and turns that buying a house can be. We look forward to her and your support as we build this new house with Pulte homes over the next ~6 months. "
-Don & Polly--Downsizing--Built NEW home
"1. What was your biggest fear before first talking to your Realtor? I had no fear she was great! 2. What, specifically, was your favorite part of working with your Realtor? She was very knowlegable! Pam was great during this entire process. 3. On a scale from 1-5, how likely are you to refer friends and family to your Realtor? * 5 - I will definitely refer him/her 4. If you were to recommend your Realtor to your best friend, what would you say? I would say that you will be very satisfied with her work. She was there for us and provided support throughout the entire process. Pam knows her stuff and that is what we needed. 5. How would you rate your experience with your Lender? Very Satisfied with Lending Company"
-Victoria--Moved here from England
"Pam would deserve a 10 for the role she played in our condo search. She has worked with us for several years, yes years, to help us find a place we loved. She originally contacted us in 2011 when I put my name and phone number and email to get into a website to look at homes. We were not ready at that time, had to sell our house, had to retire and move into an apartment because we sold our house on contract, not the best way to sell but this family had a house to sell in Evansville and had been transferred to the Louisville area. It has been a long drawn out process but Pam has stayed with us throughout the process. Last Fri. 3-6-15 it was confirmed by their lender that our buyers would indeed be able to close on May first as the contract had said. We bought a condo the same day since we were able to give the seller a closing date. Pam has worked for us very hard for a very long time and has become not only our realtor but our friend. Your company is very fortunate to have her. "
-Bob & Denise--relocating to Indy
"I chose to build a new home and I made sure I had a Realtor to protect my rights and advise me what they were. The home is great but there were problems with the superintendent and Pam stepped in to get things corrected. She made sure the money was put in escrow for my landscaping because I closed in the winter and it couldn’t be done then. I am so glad, for many other reasons, that I had Pam in my corner. She has many years of experience representing clients who chose to build and I would recommend Pam all day long!"
-J.G. -Built a New Home
"Pam was highly recommended to me by family friends and then my daughter and son-in-law. She is AMAZING!! Her knowledge is extensive. She put me at ease from our first conversation. I feel like I have a new friend who is helping me make my dream come true!!! Thanks! "
-Jenny S-----Downsizing
"My husband and I recently moved across the country twice in three years. We are extremely happy to be back in Indiana around our family, close to our friends and in our amazing new home. We were lucky enough to work with an outstanding realtor-Pam Crew. Pam made our move effortless and enjoyable! We would, do and have recommended her highly to our friends and anyone looking for a home in the Central Indiana and Hamilton county area. When you are living elsewhere and buying a house in Indiana you need this type of person to be there to look, investigate and do most of the leg work involved. My husband and I appreciated that she didn't waste our time, she was extremely skilled, a good listener and showed us the type of homes we were interested in buying. Pam also provided other professionals such as mortgage contacts, inspectors, contractors and landscapers. She is truly a relocation professional who puts forth the effort to ensure that her buyers are happy and satisfied with their new home. "
-Kimm and Glen- Relocated -from California
" I really enjoyed working with Pam while finding a home for me. She was always very helpful and knowledgeable. I am enjoying my new home and it is coming along nicely. I couldn't have done it without her, my thanks to Pam for everything. "
-Nick W -- First Time Home Buyer
"My realtor, Pam Crew, absolutely gets a 10! I would definitely recommend her to any of my friends and family (and I have). She is absolutely amazing!"
-Heather M --First Time Home Buyer
"I relocated from Hawaii and thankfully I had Pam helping me all the way. I had some pretty specific items on my list and she narrowed down the showings to properties that featured the most important factors for me, we found the perfect location and I am enjoying my beautiful home. I would recommend my real estate agent, Pam Crew, she is great for someone relocating."
-T Bowlin---Relocated from Hawaii
""The way Pam listened to my needs and desires in a home, and basically took it from there, and put me in a home that went beyond my expectations. Hire more people like Pam.""
-Jerry C- Built a New home
"Summary of their experience Pam sold our house within a few days of it being listed! Her suggestions for preparing the house for showing were helpful. Very glad to have her on our side of the negotiations. Service provided Listed and sold a home or lot/land "
-Mike G-----Listing
"Summary of their experience I was going to be transfered and I hired Pam and Rob, The two of them were able to get my house sold prior to the new School year at my new location, as a parent I was very happy they were able to get this done as it would be tough on my Family not just relocating but I was able to have my daughter start the first day of School. Pam and Rob set up an open house that was the closing touch. Service provided Listed and sold a home or lot/land "
-Dave S-----relocating Seller
"I hired Pam in 2005 when re-locating from Ireland to Florida,Pams work started months before we arrived with constant e-mail correspondance narrowing down our needs. On arrival Pam took just 2 days to find the most perfect home,matching virtually everything in our brief to a tee & all done in a most caring but proffesional manner. In short,I couldn't recommend Pam highly enough and I personally didn't think they made realtors this good ;-) "
-Keith Myers--Relocated from Ireland